Pneumatic Shaped Solid Tires

Pneumatic shaped solids are compatible with standard pneumatic rims typically used in most material handling applications.


  • Longer wear and extended service life
  • High shock absorption properties, smooth ride
  • Low energy consumption
  • Good stability and braking in high load applications



  • High strength steel reinforced base rubber – eliminating wheel spin, and fining in high torque applications
  • Energy efficient cushion mid-layer – provides good shock absorption reducing shock transmit ion to material handling equipment
  • Wear resistant tread – providing extended service life, stability and improved braking properties



  • Forte series 8" – 15"
  • Forte and SD series 16" – 25"
  • The Forte series is energy efficient compound, cool running in severe service applications. Extended service life through high degree of chunk and chip resistance. Suitable for large engineered vehicles, sea port and container applications.
  • OTR series 25" and up. Designed for heavy duty applications where performance is priority. Wide profile construction and wear-resistant compound make the OTR series the tire of choice to reduce maintenance costs and extend service life.
  • High performance Non-Marking Tires are available for applications where “Keeping It Clean” is a priority. This compound will not mark floors in short turn radius applications. Suitable for use in warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage facilities.


Resilient Tires Tackles Your Tire Needs Head On

A new line of tires designed to meet a wide variety of material handling applications:

  • “Wide Wall” Series – meets most material handling needs and competitively priced
  • “Forte” Series – Best for the toughest of applications
  • “SD” Series – designed with aperture system for improved traction and ride


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Forte series

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OTR series
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LOC Series – SoftMax series of tires can be designed to Loc (or Clip) from base in order to fit a one-piece rim.


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