Industrial Vehicle Tires

Move it Safe • Move it Fast • Move it Flat Free

Proprietary urethane formulation produces maintenance free, flat free tires for:

  • Golf Carts and More
  • Stock Chasers
  • Personnel Carriers
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Burden Carriers
Industrial Vehicle Tires

Maximum Performance & Reliability

  • Flat Free
    • Eliminates field service calls
    • Never check tire air pressure again
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Extends battery life of vehicle
  • Wears 2x longer than rubber
  • Navigates difficult terrain
  • Low rolling resistance
  • No dry rot or sun damage
  • Steel wheel construction

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Flat Free Tires

Part Number Tire Size Bead Width Tire O.D. Tire Color Tread Hub Type Rim Color Weight
11-1885012-BT-12W-44 18×850-12 7.00 17.70 Black Turf 4 on 4 White 35.75
11-1885012-BT-12W-545 18×850-12 7.00 17.70 Black Turf 5 on 4.5 White 35.75
11-48010-BZ-W-44 480×12 4.00 17.00 Black Zigzag 4 on 4 White 21.00
11-48010-BZ-W-545 480×12 4.00 17.00 Black Zigzag 5 on 4.5 White 21.00
11-57012-BZ-W-44 570×12 4.00 18.50 Black Zigzag 4 on 4 White 25.00
11-57012-BZ-W-545 570×12 4.00 18.50 Black Zigzag 5 on 4.5 White 25.00
Other sizes available upon request.

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