Elastomeric Solid Tires

Elastomeric resilient tires are engineered to meet the challenges of TODAY’S material handling applications. The Elastomeric Series is available in 8" – 12" sizes.


  • Optimizes load carrying capacity
  • Improves traction and braking
  • Enhances shock absorption



  • Insures cooler running
  • Eliminates premature chunking/chipping
  • Reduces vehicle operating costs


Elastomeric Non-MarkingTires

Compounded for endurance, low rolling resistance, and high performance while “keeping it clean” every day.


  • Durable in non-marking applications
  • Excellent shock absorption properties
  • Keeps working environment CLEAN



  • Cooler running
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Extended service life
  • Excellent in high-duty cycle applications


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Elastomeric solid tire
Elastomeric non-marking tire

Resilient illustration

Tread: Elastomeric tires are engineered to achieve low rolling resistance, high abrasion and longer wear through high tech natural rubber tread compounds. This tread formulation has high tensile and tear properties ensuring high performance in the toughest applications.

Cushion: The tire mid-layer cushion is designed to perfectly balance tire resilience and hardness. This balance is critical to ensure “low rolling” resistance while optimizing shock absorption quality. The mid-layer is surrounded by our natural rubber tread compound reducing side wall damage.

Base: The tire base or heel compound is formulated with hard rubber fiber reinforced materials. Hardness is maintained through use of a special non-thermoplastic material eliminating softening in server service applications. These materials are further supported by steel beads providing additional hoop strength to prevent wheel spin.

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